Come to visit the “strong and kind” Abruzzo, green heart of Europe with its parks and its nature reserves, with the highest peaks of the Apennines, its sea, its history, its culture, its unchanged towns, its traditions, its great food and its excellent wine !!!The poet D’Annunzio, the poet Ovid, the philosopher Benedetto Croce, but also the President Marini, Bruno Vespa and Marco Pannella will welcome you!!!Come to see Sulmona, hometown of Ovid and of the world-famous sugared almonds, with its wonderful Swabian aqueduct and also Scanno, with its beautiful natural lake at an altitude of 1,000 metres and with all its traditions, like the goldsmith’s art; come to see the charm of nature in the Abruzzo National Park, in the Maiella National Park, in the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park and in the several nature reserves, like the Sources of the Pescara river and the picturesque Sagittario Gorges and you may be able to see a chamois or a Marsican Brown Bear! The Capestrano warrior from the top of his venerable age invites you to know the archaeology of this region in the site of Alba Fucens or in the ruins of the old Teate or in the places of the ancient Corfinium, capital of the Italic League, and also in the Sanctuary of Hercules Curino. Come to admire sacred places like the Sanctuary of Saint Gabriel, protector of the young, or like the Eucharistic Miracle in Lanciano, or the Holy Face in Manoppello recently visitated also by Pope Benedict XVI. And also the ascetic places so loved by the pope “of the great refusal”, Celestine V, like the hermitage of Saint Onofrio on the Morrone Mountain, or the beautiful church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio where the pope rests. Come to see L’Aquila, the city of the 99, and then Teramo, and Lanciano, and Atri.Come to partecipate to the emotion of events like the “Rushing Madonna in the square” on Easter in Sulmona, or the opening of the Saint Door in L’Aquila each year on the 28th of August on the occasion of the “Perdonanza” or the Feast of the Snake charmers on the first thursday of May in Cocullo in honour of Saint Dominic and you will be able to see and touch living snakes!!! Come and find the peace in the beautiful towns numbered among the most beautiful towns of Italy, like Santo Stefano di Sessanio, homeland of the famous lentils, Pacentro, hometown of the pop star Madonna’s grandparents, Pescocostanzo, with the famous wrought iron working and the pillow lace. Come to visit wonderful Romanesque abbeys like San Clemente a Casauria, San Pelino in Corfinio, Santa Maria Assunta with its Oratory of San Pellegrino in Bominaco.And come to taste our cuisine, our “pasta alla chitarra” , the fine lamb, our “arrosticini”, our good wine, our renowned saffron of Navelli, the pecorino of Farindola.You will also be able to ski, hike in the mountains, ride a horse or have a cycle ride, enjoy all the sea entertainments and have fun!!!But above all come to know the hospitality and friendliness of the inhabitants of Abruzzo, for ages and forever: STRONG AND KIND!!!




Eremo Celestino V

San Clemente

Volto Santo